Adventure to Island of Galiano 小岛意外登陆游

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Landed at Galiano Island by accident, flied back by Seair Beever


文字:卉樱果  Writen by Ingrid

图片:卉樱果,紫苏 Photographed by Ingrid, Zi Su


We were suposed to have a day trip to Pender Island by Ferry from Tsawaasen Harbour.


This plan we planed for several weeks, and schedule well prepared by Zisu


Three small gifts for hitch  ride prepared by ZIsu


The 2nd stop should be Otter Harbour of Pender Island, however, we were shocked by the csene- it was Sturdies Harbour at Galiano Island!


The staff told us that one of the ferries had problem, the routs of ferries were re-scheduled by company. We should had get out at the 1st stop Mayen Island and changed another Ferry to Galiano


Before arriving and during stop at Mayen island, staff repeated many times for this sudden change anouncement. But we ignored it as I was busy in gifts shop to buy this orange vest.


Zisu was busy taking photos of Mayen Island, though she was surprised why so in sudden the ferry almost empty.


Staff said we could go back to Tsawaasen by the same Ferry. But how could we give up day trip? Any island is good! Let's go!


But we got 2nd upset news as the Ferry rescheduling, only one went back to Tswwasen at  9:30PM, so we would not be home until midnight!


There was no public bus nor community bus in Galiano Island, only Hitch ride for foot travellers.


A gentelman - Phill- was stading beside of his car and waiting for his friend next ferry. Zi Su chatted with him about our adventure. He suggested that we could take Seair flying back to RIchmond at 18:00 PM: You will have an amazing experience on the Beever (name of plane)

Phil住在Galiano岛上的Parker小岛(绕口吧),只有私人游艇可达。Phil说我们可以搭他的车去Montague Harbour,那里他和朋友上游艇。

Phil lived in the Parker island of Galiano Island, only be reached by private yacht. He would like to take us to Montagure Harbour, where he and his friend would sail to Paker Island.


His friend drove his car and followed the Phi on the way to Montague harbour. Phil cried: Oh my God, my friend would be surprised why there were two beautiful ladies around Phil, he may tell my wife, how could I explain? - We all laughed and knew he was kidding.


After we got Montague Harbour, we also chated with Phil's friend, and Zi Su gave Phil a small gift. He got a happy surprise as he was not expected this treat. We waved good by, the middle on in blue was Phil.


A huge post there told us how to book Seair by toll-freeI did it, told the lady on the phone the Master Card No. and our names. The cost was 125 CND per. The Beever would arrive the harbour around 17:45, and take off at 18:00.


A Lady at my age in the Yacht came up and suggeted we could go to Shell beach which was a part of Montague Provincial Park, she and her husband spent their retirement time on the road by  car and Yacht. She had a5 days old  new born Granddaughter. I exchanged my grandkids information and we both found our kids lived same area.

She acompanied us to the road and said only 20 minutes of walk you would find the beach.


However, Zi Su decided we should take a ride, becuase we had heavy backpacks and we were not as strong as that lady.


Soon we stood under shadow of a tree, one car was passing by and stopped. The two ladies were not going to Shell Beach but willing to give us a ride. So nice!


Shell Beach就是贝壳海滩,在加拿大尚未出生前的三千年里,土人在这里砸贝壳类生吃,留下的贝壳经岁月海风海水风化成细细粉末,形成BC省罕见的白色海滩。

Galiano was long inhabited by aboriginal people from the Penelakut First Nation and used by other Coast Salish nations. Midden pits at Montague Harbour suggest 3000 years of habitation. It is unique for its Shell Beach, which is a west-facing beach with worn shells covering the whole expanse of  the beach instead of sand. For thousands of years, it was the location of a midden used by Coast Salish people.


We sit down at the beach





Zisu is 70ty, 5 years older than me. She was able to do this way, I only did that way for photo


We placed our two back pack under a tree, walk up the trail for hiking.





Trail lead us to another part of shell beach, a family was enjoying the whole beach area said hi to us.



walking back, picked up our belongings.


We were to hitch ride to Montague Bay. A man replied to us: No, not today!


The other car just parked and down a young couple. The young mom said to his husband: How can he say no to riders and just turn away?


The browny mom was Maria, just arrived here with her parents and two kids. She said her husband was willing to take you to Montagure Bay and then back to reunite them.


Again, we were deeply moved and also, she was moved after recieving our small gifts.


We had a good conversation with the young dad, his parents did same way as we were doing-travle around islands.


We arrived Montahue Bay.


We had our meal in the only restaurant in this bay



We could see the Paker island where Phil lived, there were only 30 househood in Paker Island. We imagined that he and his wife would ride the boat to here for a nice treat.



The customers in the reatautants were very nice to offer us a photo taking. They asked us were you Japaness? where were you from, I said we were from Vancouver.


BTW, the toilets in the island were very clean, supplied with toilet paper and hands cleanser.


It was 17:30, we saw a young man stood at the Harbou for Beever


Beever was comming



Only five seats and only front two supplied with Noice-reduce equipment.



I was so excited and took many movies.


Clsoe to Grand Vancouver


Richmond city.

降落在Richmond的一个水上飞机码头,总共飞行时间二十多分钟。然后,一辆免费的Shuttle Bus带我们去了天车站。

The Beever landed at Seair Habour in Richmond, total flying time was 20 minutes, much faster than ferry. Then a free shuttle bus took us to the Skytrain station.

我俩自嘲,一向宝马(BMW = bus+metro+walk公车轨道交通走路)的省钱游,这次变成打飞“的”的豪华游了。

Usually Zisu and me prefer BMW one day trip (Bus+Metro+Walk +Ferry) which costs much less than driving a car.

However, this time BMW changes in to a Luxury tour! Surelly it worth to a Beever try!





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