Protection Island 守护岛一日游

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One day trip to Pretection Island on 5 July 2018 with ZiSu

与紫苏于2018-07-05 纳奈莫的守卫岛一日游


Horseshoe bay Ferry 11:00 to  Departure bay of Nanaimo (Vancouver Island) at 12:45

Taxi (20 CAD) to Protection Island Ferry Dock  to catch private Ferry (10 CAD) at 13:10

13:20 Arrives at  Dinghy Dock (Pub & Restaurant)

16:10 from Dinghy Dock to Protection Ferry Dock (walk around Park)

Take No. 20 Bus at 16:40 (17:10) to Departure Bay to Catch 17:45 Ferry tp Horseshoe Bay

Protection Island is a small island located 1.5 km north-east of downtown Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. There are no paved roads on the little island. Some residents move about the island in golf carts, others with cars, but most walk. Locals frequently transport their groceries from the community dock with their own wheelbarrows. Access to the island can be via private vessel or a small, privately run ferry. Some residents also commute by kayak or rowboat as well.

 Dinghy Dock Pub & Restaurant

Canada's only registered floating pub & restaurant located in Nanimo's harbour.

Family–friendly, serving lunch and dinner, with live evening entertainment.

守卫岛是一个位于加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省纳奈莫市中心东北1.5公里处的小岛。岛上没有铺砌的道路。 一些居民在小岛上驾驶高尔夫球车,其他人用卡车,但大多数人走路。 当地人经常用自己的手推车从社区码头运送杂货。 客人可以通过私人船只或私人小型渡轮前往岛屿。 有些居民也乘坐皮划艇或划艇。






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